How’s the recording going?

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this is seriously one of my favorite mentions on Twitter thus far… besides, of course, what I shall refer to as the RLRT.  

like all good dogs, it put a smile on my face on a sad day.  

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Do you have any pictures from last night’s show?

I’ve seen some great ones on Twitter.  If you have more, please post them below.  

NOTE: this is for April 28 at The Hippodrome in Charleston, SC.

i got so excited about this that i got goosebumps.  


you should seriously go follow us, though.  and if you’re not on Twitter yet, it’s not as annoying as you think it is.

live radio/campus tv performance tonight.  7pm WSBF in Clemson, SC.

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Pictures from the video shoot on Twitter.

Some preliminary pictures from our “Cassiopeia” shoot yesterday are on Twitter.  We retweeted a few, but not all.  If you want to see them, or just need some cool people to show up in your Twitter feed, check these guys out:

@thelovelyfew (duh)

@AlanDavisSC for our own Alan Davis

@JMWRainwater for Josh, who shot the video

@minorworks for Trey, who did the lighting